Author: AnitaDay

What does the potential lockdown restrictions for coronavirus mean for Nottingham?

October 9, 2020
There has been speculation amid a growing number of cases in the city of Nottingham (2000 in last week as reported by Sky News), about what this might mean for...Read...

Book Review – Authentic

September 2, 2020
Authentic – How to be yourself and why it matters by Professor Stephen Joseph Know yourself + Own yourself + Be yourself = the Authentic Life This is the formula...Read...

Music & Lyrics – Sigrid, ‘Raw’

August 20, 2020
One of the themes that keeps reoccurring with many of my clients and one I have personally struggled with at times is finding the sweet spot of authenticity.  What does...Read...

How to be in a pandemic

April 11, 2020
Welcome. When I imagined writing my first blog post for my website, I’ll admit I pictured something very different. Alas, in these changing times and in the middle of the...Read...
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